Thursday, July 24, 2003

A Quick Contrast

All three cable news networks were covering the news conference announcing the results of the congressional 9/11 report, when the Rumsfeld/Bremer news conference began. All three networks immediately cut to the latter, and stayed with it, no cutting back, and at the end, the discussion stayed with Rumsfeld/Bremer, and a crucial issue of whether or not releasing the pictures of the two dead sons of Saddam was a good idea.

NPR, on the other hand, stayed with the 9/11 report.

Which do you think was the more important story to cover?

I think the choice made by the cable guys was less about political bias, than about a corrupt news judgement that extolls "media stars," i.e., the administration, over common folk, i.e., Congress.

Quick impression of the 9/11 report; a lot more there than the ho hum expectations expressed by the SCLM.