Wednesday, July 02, 2003

To A More Meaningful Fourth

Here's a suggestion for really celebrating America, from a nice little website you can find here.

What these very nice folks have done is to provide a downloadable flyer, on the front, a large, impressive American flag, and inside, quotes to please the heart of any progressive from such notables as the father of our country, that guy who wrote that Declaration, the one who wrote a lot of the Constitution...well, you get the picture.

Their suggestion is that if you're going to any gatherings, family or otherwise, bring some of these along to pass out.

My added suggestion:

That wonderful speech Bill Moyers gave at that Washington conference - it came with instructions from Bill himself: This is Your Story - The Progressive Story of America. Pass It On.

Why not do just that by printing it out and tucking a copy inside each flyer.

The original website links to this one, which has more of the same type of good stuff.