Thursday, July 03, 2003

What's It All About, Annie?

At The Sideshow, Avedon Carol demonstrates that she has a better grasp of that subject than does the congenitally clueless Coulter, and in the process demonstrates the elegance that is reasoned discourse.

A few brickbracs get aimed at the richly deserving Richard Cohen, who columnizes Coulter in his habitual mode of being a little bit pregnant.

I am happy to report that Ann Coulter has lost her mind. The evidence for this is her most recent book, "Treason," a nearly unreadable slog through every silly thing anyone on the left has ever said...Fairness compels me to say that Coulter scores some points.

There's an even bigger problem with Cohen's take on Coulter, and Avedon pounces on it.

Best of all is her nearly definitive statement of why, in a sane and just world, the right would occasionally have to answer the question, 'Why do you hate this country?' rather than always getting to ask it.

Let's be absolutely clear about this: Both the alleged left-wing judgment that Coulter describes and the version that the right prefers blame the world's problems on the United States. The right-wing thinks US diplomatic policies of the last 50 years have been a mistake. The right-wing hates the UN, which is, as much as anything, a US project. The right claims that US foreign aid has been responsible for creating or exacerbating the problems of other nations.

There's more just as good.