Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Why Is The President Afraid To Meet The Press?

Eric Alterman announces An Altercation Contest that asks that question, which, stop the presses, this WaPo editorial also wonders about.

His last such event was March 6 -- before the war with Iraq, before the passage of his tax cut, before the latest outbreak of violence in Liberia, before the release of the 9/11 report, before -- well, you get the idea. Nor is this lag time unusual for the Bush presidency: During his more than two years in office, Mr. Bush has held just eight solo news conferences. The last one before his March appearance took place four months earlier. By contrast, President Clinton had held 33 such events at this point in his term, and the first President Bush had held 61.

Mention of that March press conference pretty much answers the question, doesn't it. Click here to refresh your memory of some of the difficulties the President sometimes experiences in such situtations

Also, check out Eric's commendation of Nick Kristoff, alone among big-time pundits in being willing to hold the President to account for his promises to Africa.

And there's a special mid-week apperance by Charles Pierce in today's CORRESPONDENTS’ CORNER.