Monday, July 28, 2003

The Worst Reason Thus Far For Our Being In Iraq

I suppose this Reuters report in the NYTimes that, according to General Sanchez, Iraq has become a "terrorist magnet" could be thought evidence in favor of Andrew Sullivans rhetorical justification of the President's "Bring 'em on" moment.

In case you missed it, Sullivan's take, went something like this: the President's words were not mere rhetoric; better to flush out the enemy there, in Iraq, where we have a considerable army, than in dispersed locations around the world, or, worse-case scenario, at home, as we found ourselves doing on 9/11.

A bigger surprise than the fact that some outsiders have been drawn to Iraq to oppose the American presence there, is the fact that this Sullovian addition to the ever-growing list of reasons purporting to explain what the hell we're doing in Iraq has gained enough traction not only to still be around, but to have been given a pet name.

At TPM we are given several samples of the meme, learn the pet name is "flypaper," the flypaper, presumably, being Iraq; , and finally, get Josh Marshall's withering analysis of all this foolishnes.

All I have to add is this fantasy; that Geroge Soros would take it into his head to offer Mr. Sullivan financial support for a trip around Iraq, so that Mr. Sullivan could share his theory with Iraqis of the majestic part, as terrorist flypaper, they are playing in our remaking of the Middle East, and so he could, as well, reassure those same Iraqis, not to worry, becuase he's quite sure they're going to love the makeover.