Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Another View on Torrance

Interesting Monstah gives us a different perspective on the case of Torrance Cantrell. I think she's a bit hard on people who quite rightly unequivocally condemned the church officials responsible for this, and I don't think I noticed all that many people condemning the mother herself. I agree with the basic point that secular society had failed this woman and her son. It's tough enough to handle having an autistic child when one is highly educated, high income, and with multiple care-givers in the home. It's another thing when, at least from what I've inferred from the not all that complete news reports, you're a single parent of more modest means and education. The difficulty and despair would lead most people to latch onto anything or anyone who promised they could help.

The state has a role in making sure children are provided for. The inability or failure of parents to do so is not the fault of the children.