Monday, August 04, 2003

Big Lies Arrives

So, my copy of Joe Conason's new book just arrived. I haven't yet read the first page but I can already declare that it is the Best Nonfiction Book Ever. The best work of fiction, of course, coming from the pen of scholar, poet, and teabagging afficianado Neal Pollack. Not that I've read that one yet, either, but sometimes you can just know these things.

Anyway, I'm sitting here in a nice little coffee shop not too far from Chez Atrios. I've had wireless for quite sometime, which I highly recommend for anyone with broadband, multiple computers, and a family member who tends to hog the internet service. I haven't spent too much time going Really Mobile, as I've been too lazy to try and hunt down convenient hotspots. But, the whole wireless thing is pretty cool. Oh, and I can listen to Mike Singorile's show, too. Totally cool.

Oh, and Joe was kind enough to thank quite a few bloggers in the acknowledgements. I'm sure the fact that I was thanked first had nothing to do with the apparent alphabetical ordering of the names...