Wednesday, August 06, 2003

End Welfare Now

Those right wing goofballs over at the Tax Foundation have kindly released their new report on federal/state tax revenue/expenditures. You can see the full report here (in pdf). But, needless to say hard working blue states like California and New York continue to have their wealth appropriated by the self-reliant heartland states. California gets back only $.76 for every dollar it sends to the Feds, for New York it's $.85. For California, it's particularly shocking given the extent of agriculture, national parks, military bases, and aerospace/defense industries. New Jersey and Connecticut get screwed even more. The big welfare states? Virginia, the Dakotas, Kentucky, Alabama, Missouri, New Mexico, Wyoming, Alaska, Hawaii, South Carolina, Louisiana, Oklahoma, ... Not all "red," but the vast majority of states who are net beneficiaries of the federal redistributino of income are those damn Republican states...

Nathan Newman has some comments.