Thursday, August 28, 2003

It's Beginning

Just a note to journalists out there. I know you were all afflicted with Clinton madness, what with him getting blowjobs and all. And, you didn't quite get your rocks off over that because he survived your little jihad, making you all look like idiots. And, hey, okay, you couldn't resist going after Gore after that. I mean, someone had to pay for your own mistakes after all.

But, now, it's time to get past all that. Maybe now you can wake up and notice how the Freeper Bone is connected to the... Drudge Bone. The Drudge Bone is connected to the.. Kaus Bone. The Kaus Bone is connected to the... Kurtz Bone... The Kurtz Bone is connected to the... Rush Bone... The Rush Bone is connected to the... Rove Bone... The Rove Bone is connected to the... Fox News Bone.

You have a choice. Each time they manufacture "outrage" simply by ringing Drudge's little red light, pulling a quote or event out of context (or simply making it up), and then spewing it out of 400 right wing media outlets simultaneously you can either be lazy and parrot them or you can investigate and trace the story yourselves.