Wednesday, August 20, 2003

More on the Nice Doggie

The Poor Man notes that the Rottweiler of Love makes the following comment:

Do I condone splodeydopes driving cars into civilian institutions and blowing them up?

No. As a matter of fact, nothing would please me more than to see everybody even remotely associated with this act (families, friends and cousins thrice removed) gutted like fish and displayed in public by impaling them on rusty spears.

Do I see quite a bit of irony in the fact that the very institution that has been coddling, nurturing and protecting terrorists for decades has been attacked by their own pet rattler?

Yes. You bet your sweet blippies I do.

I thought we could provide a little slideshow for the Doggie:

Congressman Dana Rohrbacher with Afghan rebels, 1988.
Since Sept. 11, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher has angrily—and with no small dose of irony—blasted the Clinton administration for failing to topple the Osama bin Laden-connected Taliban in Afghanistan. What the Huntington Beach Republican never mentions is a fact the Weekly reported last September: Rohrabacher himself was cozy with the Taliban. In late 1996, he assured the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs that the Muslim group did not have terrorist ties, was no threat to the U.S. and would bring "stability" to the region.

Big Don Rumsfeld with his good friend, Saddam Hussein.