Monday, August 18, 2003

More on Van Impe

Hey, some answers:

One prominent televangelist who was invited to the White House meeting, the Rev. Jack Van Impe of Troy, Mich., chose not to attend. His office said he could not schedule it.

On the Jack Van Impe Ministries Web site, the preacher told of being invited to attend and being asked for his views on the plan by the national security adviser.

Van Impe's executive director, Ken Vancil, said that instead of attending, Van Impe is preparing a videotape presentation for the president.

In it, Vancil said, Van Impe will remind the president that biblical prophecy says the Holy Land "shall not be divided."

National Security Council spokesman Sean McCormick said the White House did not ask Van Impe to make a presentation. McCormick said the meeting is one of many the White House conducts to meet with leaders in various walks of life. He denied it was held to sell evangelists on the peace plan.

However, a official for another group with strong links to evangelicals and Jewish conservatives said, "The meeting was an attempt to sell us the peace plan, and it failed."

Frankly, the idea that a bunch of evangelical Christians need to be "sold" on a peace plan for I/P should scare the hell out of us all. Especially because they don't much want peace:

JVI: One man said concerning this road map to peace in the Middle East, we are rapidly descending into hell. He means it's going to be all out war in the future. What does the Bible teach concerning bombs?

Yes, there will be bomb, but that's why a leader arises out of the European Union, Revelation 13:1, and Daniel 9:26, and makes and confirms a peace contract for seven years in Daniel 9:27, and the whole world is happy.

There it is, ladies and gentlemen. But what starts this whole thing? Bombs? No. A leader rising and confirming the peace. We call it the Antichrist and that is 2 Thessalonians 2:8.

There you go.