Monday, August 04, 2003

When Wingnuts Lie

So, I'm sitting here listening to an Episcopalian wingnut who is against the appointment of a gay bishop. I'm 99% sure just heard her say that the Archbishop of Canterbury had written to them begging them not to confirm an openly gay bishop. Knowing that the current Archbishop isn't exactly known for being a conservative, this didn't sound too right to me. So, I tracked this down:

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, has said he raised no objection to the appointment of a gay priest as the new Bishop of Reading.
In a letter being sent to all diocesan and suffragan bishops in England, Dr Williams said: "It is an appointment I have sought neither to promote nor to obstruct."

Not being Anglican or Episcopalian, to some extent I don't think this is any of my business - at least as long as it doesn't spill over into politics generally - but I do wonder why these people have such problems with the truth.

As I said, I'm 99% sure that's what I heard... If not, I apologize.