Thursday, September 11, 2003

20 Questions

This is a good article in the PDN.

Two years later, I'm really fed up with the idea that asking questions about 9/11 is being a 'conspiracy theorist.' There is a conspiracy out there - a conspiracy to not let people find out just what the hell happened and why. The degree to which the conservatarians get uncomfortable when things are brought up makes it clear they know there's something stinky going on.

It's clear the administration has covered up a lot about the events of that day and what led up to it. Now, I'm not claiming that Dick Cheney piloted the planes by remote control to give him an excuse to get that sweet sweet crude. But, the stonewalling and silence - with which the media are extraordinarily complicit - shows they have something to hide.

What? Who knows. Maybe nothing more than colossal failures of the FBI. I don't know. But, two years later it's time to get some answers to things which we may have been able to answer 23 months ago if the media didn't go into "ask no questions" mode.