Sunday, September 21, 2003

5 Million

Raising 5 million over the internet (ed: is this only internet contribution? Not sure...) would be quite an accomplishment. More important than the final number, in some ways, is the final number of contributors. Over 60,000 people would have to give an average of about $80 to get to 5 million. I think I'd be more impressed with the 60,000 than the 5 million.

I'm not paying too much to the Dean-Clark fan food fights. I think the argument over which candidate is the purist anti-war candidate is a pointless one. I think the general press gotcha game of looking for flip-flops and painting them as dishonesty is cheap journalism. If there are contradictions, call the candidate or his/her people and ask them if there's a clarification or a way to resolve them. Gotcha journalism of this sort is mostly recycling the opposition's (primary or general) press releases.

That isn't to say that people's past positions on issues don't matter. But, especially for something like the Iraq war where new information and scenarios were arriving at light speed, a statement based "information available at time X" could quite well be very different than a statement based on "information available at time Y."

But, more generally, I think it's time to dissolve the circular firing squad that just seems to have formed.