Thursday, September 11, 2003

And While We're on Personality...

When's CNN gonna give a liberal a show? I mean, Wolf Blitzer is basically a neoconservative hawk who has stated that after 9/11 the press should just lay off and support the president. Lou Dobbs is obviously a Republican. Not an insane movement conservative type, but still a Republican. Paula Zahn used to be on Fox and she hasn't changed much. Anderson Cooper seems pretty apolitical. The closest thing to a liberal on there I suppose is Aaron Brown, but the only reason to say that is because of his whole "thoughtful" schtick.

CNN doesn't have "movement conservatives" like Fox, but their anchors are either sort of apolitical or lean strongly Republican. The truth is - if they want personality they should let them take the gloves off. This whole faux-objective "straight news" stuff basically means that all people can do is recite one version or another of the "conventional wisdom" with some sort of irrelevant personal spin or cute delivery on top of it.