Saturday, September 20, 2003

Bad Oprah, Bad


The sight of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver perched on Oprah Winfrey's sofa and demonstrating the perfection of their marriage made more than a few of the talk-mistress' fans more furious than women scorned, more angry than wet hens and so forth. The message board is crowded with complaints about the appearance of the candidate and adoring wife -- see how he respects women -- on nationwide TV under Winfrey's auspices.

"America's woman role model has let us down," writes one woman. "First she has some rah-rah show on going to war with Iraq," writes another, "and now this. It makes me sick. I am no fan of hers anymore."

"As a Californian," writes a woman, "I am offended that Oprah is doing an interview with the one celebrity candidate and his famous wife. . . . We are already seeing our legitimate votes, rendered last November, hijacked by a media circus, with Arnold serving as ringleader. Oprah, don't pander to your famous friends, please."

I had heard a few reports about her pro-war show. Apparently it was a an hour (someone says 3?) of Tom Friedman waxing metaphoric about death and destruction as the jaws of the audience dropped closer and closer to the floor.

Hint, Oprah - some of their kids are in Iraq. No one you know is.

Oprah long ago lost any connection to her audience. I don't know why she still has one.