Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Eschaton Assignment Desk

Some of our domestic journalists might want to obtain a copy of John Pilger's documentary "Breaking the Silence."

In comments to another post, Sally from the UK says this about it:


I am from England and I saw Pilger's show last night. He really got up the nose of the neo cons.

He interviewed a guy called Crystol (is that his name?) Anyway, Pilger claimed that much of the world was getting very worried about Bush's threat to start war against anyone he likes. This Crystol guy got very upset. His face went bright pink and he started saying Is France, Germany scared of the USA I don't think so.

Anyway, Pilger kept to his guns, and said that since the end of the second world war The USA had invaded militarily or through covert operations in 72 countries. Boy, you should have seen Crysol's face it was a picture. He said, "that is riddiculous," But Pilger said it's true!

Best bit was that the names of the countries started appearing on the screen apphabetically. Very good stuff!

(Crystol is presumably Bill Kristol)