Sunday, September 28, 2003

Good Morning

Calpundit has some nice coverage of the fun.

But, just to recap here. We have a senior administration official who has pointed the finger at two top White House officials. This person has named names to the WaPo, but not on record. These White House officials had tried to shop the story to a half dozen journalists before Novak bit. Top administration officials means cabinet rank or higher, plus a few assorted other people and perhaps some important deputy secretaries. Top White House officials is a really really small list of people.

Billmon has more. As does Steve "Dude, Where's my Permalinks?" Gilliard and Kos. And corrente. And Mark Kleiman.
UPDATE: 56K makes the following point:

Just want to say that this whole incident illustrates why the practice of anonymous sources is evil.

This story was shopped around, which means there are 6 journalists along with their editors who know who leaked the original story. They already know who broke the law.

And now the WPost knows who within the administration has turned.
Given the level of gossip I am guessing the whole celebrity press corps the names of the prinicpals, but they will now go on the air and make a big deal of talking about who could be involved.