Friday, September 19, 2003

More on Saletan

He's reaching Kausian heights of hackdom. In comments below, Technical Blandishmentiser provides this:

Yesterday, a Saletan co-authored a horrible hack job on Kucinich (one of a series on Democratic candidates) appeared on Slate.

A sample:

Flip: During a July 1998 Hardball appearance, Kucinich rejected efforts to impeach President Clinton. "To flat out call for an impeachment without the evidence takes us back to Alice in Wonderland," said Kucinich.

Flop: In October 1998, Kucinich voted to impeach Clinton and force a Senate trial.

I looked it up. Lewinsky's testimony was delivered in August, same as Bill Clinton. The Starr report came out in September. For the calendar-impaired, AUGUST AND SEPTEMBER COME BETWEEN JULY AND OCTOBER. Regardless of what you think of the impeachment vote etc., application of the term "flip-flop" to a change of view in the light of evidence is gross misreprentation.

Ergo: Saletan (and his co-author) are vicious (as in, filled with vice) hacks.

The fact that Kucinich voted for impeachment is yet another reason I have little interest in his candidacy, but this is only a flipflop over at
UPDATE 2: Actually, Saletan is completely wrong. The impeachment vote was in December, and Kucinich voted no 4 times.

All together now... HACK!

UPDATE: Slate has now posted a correction.