Tuesday, September 09, 2003

That Liberal Media

Well, duhh. Anyone who has watched these networks knows that this is how it works:

September 8, 2003 -- CNN is being accused of racial, sexual and age discrimination in a pair of lawsuits filed by former employees.
An ex-vice president, Bonnie Anderson, whose job was to recruite on-air talent for CNN, claims she was fired because she refused to take part in an alleged discrimination.

Anderson claims that CNN was looking for a particular ethnic mix: foreign-born journalists for CNN International and mostly white on-air personalities for Headline News, where CNN routinely relegates minorities to secondary anchor roles, according to the suit.

Former CNN International anchor who is a white Canadian-American, Marina Kolbe, alleges in a second suit that she was fired as a result of a policy "to segregate the CNN news networks and concentrate ethnic and racial minority anchors on CNN International."