Sunday, September 28, 2003

Three Leaks

Reader dc and one or two others have noted that during the time period from July 14-21 there were 3 leaks designed to demolish the credibility of critics. The first leak was an attempt to kick Dick Durbin off of the Senate Intelligence committee:

According to Durbin, an unnamed staffer in the White House press office told reporters that some senators were disturbed by his public statement blaming White House staffers for not removing the claim despite warnings from the CIA. He said that the “White House press operation started floating the story that there were senators … who were asking for my removal from the Senate Intelligence Committee because [of] the statements that I made.”

The second was a silly Druge-smear, outing an ABCNEWS journalist as a "gay Canadian." The guy was, of course, already out about both his gayness and Canadianess.

The third, of course, brings us Frog Marching down the Yellowcake Road...