Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Zoning Problems

Uh oh.

Barkley says armed men from across the country are ready to occupy that trench to defend him, as he approaches a Thursday court deadline to remove three mobile homes he installed on his land.

In April, District Judge Richard May found that Barkley violated the zoning laws of Bay Township when he brought in the homes without permits. May reaffirmed that ruling Tuesday afternoon, denying a petition by Barkley to rescind his order.

The case has drawn widespread interest from local media outlets, not to mention radio talk shows from Arizona to Texas to Washington.

It also has attracted the scrutiny of patriot and anti-government groups, including a Colorado-based organization that threatens to send 600 armed members to protect Barkley.

Denver resident Rick Stanley, founder of the Second American Revolution Militia Mutual Defense Pact, vowed Barkley will not stand alone.

"They have subverted the intentions of what our forefathers say our government should be," he said. "We have a fascist tyranny.

"I call it the police state of America, and we are going to stop it one way or another," Stanley said.