Friday, October 03, 2003

Anyone Hear...

...what Bob Nofacts said on CNN just now about the CIA leak? I wasn't paying attention and only got the last couple of seconds...

ah, someone wrote in just as I asked:

Novak was just on Judy Woodruff and used the opportunity to further smear Wilson and wife. He said Wilson gave over the limit to Gore, had to give $1,000 back, and the same day wife gave $1,000 to Gore listing a fictitious employer. Novak says he's been told (by whom?!) that this is illegal for CIA deep cover agents (listing fictitious employers).
I think just about everyone watching must have winced to see him saying all this. he also refused to say whether he'd had a summons, under advice of counsel. I really think CNN will cut him loose.

Anyway, obviously this administration is much more concerned with sliming its opponents than, you know, national security. And, the analyst lie is, no pun intended, no longer operative.

...CNN really needs top stop this. It's like Monica all over again when half the press was really part of the story and pretending not to be. Novak should be required to stay clear of this when he's wearing his journalist hat. If they want to have him be an interview subject, fine.