Sunday, October 19, 2003


The issue with Boykin isn't that we have a crazy bigoted End Timeser who is a Lieutenant General, the issue is that we have a crazy bigoted anti-Muslim End Timeser who has a key role in our current "crusade." The fact that he had his job in the first place, and the fact that he isn't being reshuffled to some less sensitive position demonstrates that the people running the show just don't give a damn about how many of our soldiers get killed. The cute little kids over at Little Green Footballs seem to think the pronouncements of our militant Mullahs are somehow A-Ok, but I guarantee Boykin has done wonders for Al Qaeda's latest pledge drive.

Arthur Silber has more.

UPDATE: The cute kids at LGF don't even like being linked to anymore. Strange people.

If you're desperate to read it, you can probably manually C&P this: