Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Common Knowledge

A bunch of right wing hacks are going on about how since they knew Wilson's wife was CIA that everybody did. Look, right wing hacks, the reason you knew she was CIA is that Republican operatives were spreading the information around. It isn't as if Wilson's like some Washington Superstar. None of you heard of the guy before this stuff came out.

Josh Marshall destroys this ridiculously self-defeating line of hackdom from the hacking hackity hacks, as does Mel Goodman here. (thanks to 56 for the tip on the last one) Goodman says a lot, but as for this particular issue:

Mel Goodman: I've worked in Washington for the past 38 years, including 24 years at the CIA...and I know Ambassador Wilson....and I did not know that his wife was an agency employee. Let's face it....this was targetted information as part of a political vendetta....a pure act of revenge...again, no more and no less.

CalPundit picks out some more key excerpts.