Monday, October 27, 2003

Feel the love

Gene Robinson is under 24 hour FBI protection:

The first openly gay man to become an Episcopal bishop is under round the clock FBI protection following threats on his life, according to media reports.

Gene Robinson is to be formally installed as Bishop of New Hampshire on Sunday.

"The only thing that will stop this happening is if I am not around any more," Canon Gene Robinson, who is to become the Episcopalian Bishop of New Hampshire, told the British newspaper The Independent in an interview published today. "We have to take that seriously."

A spokesperson for the bishop-elect declined comment on the FBI protection. But several British papers Monday reported that the threats had come from conservative extremists.

Feel the love from the Chalcedon foundation:

In academia we like to talk about "culture wars." This is a proper undertaking, but there is a great deal more at stake here than a mere disagreement about how to interpret the Bible. There are spiritual realities at play that must be addressed openly and forthrightly. The liberal church in Holland — and other places as well — has suffered greatly by starting down the path of "religious tolerance."

Let there be no mistake: We are engaged in a serious warfare over right and wrong, good and evil, God's people and a modern Sodom and Gomorrah.