Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Gene Lyons

Nice one:

Either Rush Limbaugh’s former housekeeper has been doping my morning coffee or we are living in Bizarro World. If you don’t recall the old DC comics, Bizarro World was created accidentally by the mad scientist Lex Luthor in a futile quest to clone Superman for evil purposes. Bizarro Superman turned out to have most of the Man of Steel’s powers, but none of his intelligence. Greenish in hue and speaking pidgin English like Tarzan or George W. Bush, he showed up at the Daily Planet and began stalking Lois Lane. Needless to say, the real Superman defeated his rival in aerial combat, although Bizarro World adventures became a continuing theme, a distorted mirror image of the Caped Crusader’s preferred reality of "Truth, Justice and the American Way." So has Lex Luthor cloned the GOP? The State Department’s battling the Pentagon over Iraq, the CIA’s at war with the White House over who leaked a covert operative’s identity, Rush Limbaugh’s a junkie, a steroid-enhanced masher’s governor of California, a threestar general’s making speeches claiming that God appointed George W. Bush to fight a holy war against Satan’s Islamic allies, and what’s the big problem worrying conservative pundits? Why, a scourge of irrational "Bush haters."