Wednesday, October 01, 2003


Mark Kleiman says:

The big advantage for Bush is that the inexcusable media silence during the long cover-up period means that most voters are hearing about the story first in terms of Bush's co-operation. And of course any explanation about how long the stone wall had stayed in place would make the reporters look bad, as well as the White House. In reputational terms, they're all in this together.

Exactly. This is like Clinton/Gore in reverse. During the good old days, press heaped up a giant serving of bullshit - both in terms of the "Clinton scandals" and coverage of the Gore campaign, and now they just like to pretend they had no responsbility for either. Now they spent months ignoring a real scandal - a real scandal many of them were intimately involved with - and I'm sure many would just like to pretend it didn't happen.