Thursday, October 02, 2003

Leave it to Slate

what a useless bunch of twits.

Just to add: Barra provides evidence that McNabb is "overrated" and then he asserts, without any evidence, that it is because McNabb is black.

One last time, really slowly, so even the stupid whores at slate can understand...

Athletes are overrated all the time. Pick any random popular athlete, and you will be able to find no shortage of people who will claims he/she is overhyped. The issue here is whether or not McNabb is overhyped because of his race, and more importantly whether there is any evidence to suggest that's actually the reason.

Barra says "But the truth is that I and a great many other sportswriters have chosen for the past few years to see McNabb as a better player than he has been because we want him to be," after writing an entire article about why McNabb isn't any good. He can only speak to his own motives, not that of other unnamed sportswriters whose motives he hasn't divined, and he hasn't presented any evidence that before Rush's brilliant revelation he had given McNabb more favorable coverage than he deserved. He may have "want[ed] him to be better" but he offers no evidence that he wrote better about him.

All together now... HACK!

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