Saturday, October 04, 2003

Life with College Republicans


A half-hour later, back on the bus driving through a cold rain, the students were both energized and weary. A good bit into the trip, O'Day stood and said it was time to choose a winner of the anti-Howard Dean poster contest.

"All in favor of, 'Dean is a Ween, Don't Bring it to My Bush'?"

No applause.

"Dean Can't Measure Up, Four More Years"?

Mild applause.

"Dean's a Queen, Vote Bush"?

Very mild applause.

"I think the queen's got it," O'Day said, delivering the Tommy Thompson book to the young woman in the back of the bus who created the poster. She would not reveal her name.

...just wanted to add that I am watching Cabaret now, and am just about to get to the key moment where the MC finishes his cabaret song "If They Could See Her Through My Eyes," an amusing little number about a man with a Gorilla for a girlfriend, with the line:

If they could see her through my eyes, she wouldn't look Jewish at all

A shocking moment in the film - the instant when the MC has realized which way the winds are blowing and switches from mocking the Nazis to embracing them.

And, there has to be some irony somewhere in the fact that Joel Grey, in the performance of a lifetime, was born Joel Katz but changed his name for obvious reasons...