Monday, October 06, 2003

Look Honey!

Negroes! And they aren't smoking crack!

Holy hell.

I really shouldn't have to point out the obvious - that when a man, a woman, and three children are sitting together at a table we can not infer either that the man and woman are married, that the children are theirs jointly, or that even if they were currently married that they were at the time of the children's births.

(via the Boggster)

In a related note, I keep forgetting to run this gem from Pat Robertson:

"He started off playing a chauffeur in 'Driving Miss Daisy,' and then they elevated him to head of the CIA, and then they elevated him to president and in his last role they made him God. I just wonder, isn't Rush Limbaugh right to question the fact, is he that good an actor or not?"

-- Pat Robertson on his "700 Club" television show, using the example of black actor Morgan Freeman to defend Limbaugh's jab at Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb