Saturday, October 11, 2003

No Means No

What Dahlia said. And Gregg Easterbook is a dick. A real fuckwit. I really don't get these people who think a serious problem facing this country is an epidemic of men who were accused of rape because they thought 'no' meant 'yes' when it actually meant... 'no.' I'm sure men get falsely accused of rape, as they do everything else. I think guys like Easterbrook are just upset that the law constrains them from being sufficiently aggressive in their sexual encounters, and they'd only get laid more if they felt comfortable putting on just a little more pressure...

But, look, we're not even talking about a 'little more pressure' - which is, you know, backing off your overture after you hear 'no' and then perhaps trying again a few minutes later. We're talking about hearing No, and then subsequently pulling of her clothes, your clothes, and then penetrating her. This goes beyond a little extra thigh rub. Is it possible 'no' is ever slightly ambiguous in practice? Sure. But, in my vast experience (cough), I can't imagine that the rest of it is.

I always hear men constructing these wild hypotheticals about what if she said no 10 minutes ago but is now seeming to consent. Well, look fuckwit, if there's any ambiguity just ask her.

...and, one more thing, fuckwits, consent can also be withdrawn once it is given, too. A moment of penetration doesn't grant you lifetime ownership of a woman's vagina. Bumper sticker version - "Stop means stop."