Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Phone Call

Mrs. Atrios is an immigrant, though she was a citizen before we met. Her last name pretty much identifies what her native language is, though there are assuredly people living here with her last name who are not recent immigrants and are not able to speak that language.

I just answered the phone and had someone speak to me in the language. I assumed initially it was a family member, but when the person on the phone switched to English he informed me that he was calling to encourage my wife to vote for Sam Katz (R) for mayor.

Anyway, it was a rather odd experience. On one hand I supppose it's a pretty sophisticated approach - on the other hand it's a bit disturbing that it's assumed that by virtue of her last name she would speak the language. She isn't a member of any group or anything which would put her on an ethnicity-specific mailing list, so they had to just be going by the name.

But, the good news is that Mayor "bugged office" Street is pulling ahead of Katz.... It's no doubt the result of Street scoring the crucial Rittenhouse Review endorsement.