Friday, October 10, 2003

Rummy Death Watch

So, anyone think about 5:30 today might be when we find out Rumsfeld needs to spend more time with his family?

...penalcolony provides us with this story:
Bush's overhaul of his top Iraq strategists reflects deep unhappiness with his national security team - particularly Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld but also Secretary of State Powell, Bush sources told the Daily News yesterday.
Bush's displeasure means that neither Powell nor Rumsfeld will keep his job in a second Bush term . . .

"Cheney, who, with his onetime mentor Rumsfeld, is a primary architect of the Iraq policy, has defended Rumsfeld's stewardship internally, arguing that Iraq has proved a more intractable problem than anyone could have imagined. Bush, however, has a less sympathetic view."

Of course, these stories are never about the "truth" - they're about people spinning things the way the want to. So, some have knives out for both Rumsfeld and Powell, and they're trying to put them in.