Thursday, October 02, 2003

Rush Limbaugh Show, 12-12-95

Finally, I don't know how many of you saw this or not. This is--this--this is an amazing story. I want to laugh at this so badly, but it--it--it's--you shouldn't, but I can't help it. It's a story about Scott Plumlee, 39 years old; Pensacola, Florida. In his neighborhood, there's far too much drug activity going on. He doesn't like it. He went to the cops and demanded they stop it. The cops said, Sorry, Mr. Plumlee, we don't have any evidence. We can't move into your neighborhood and just remove all the drug dealers because we don't have any evidence it's going on.'

So Plumlee went back to his neighborhood, went down to the corner, bought 4 bucks' worth of marijuana, went back home and called the cops. He said, Come on out. I've got the evidence.' They have arrested him. I kid you not. They've arrested him and he's got, perhaps--he's facing a one-year jail sentence for 4 bucks' worth of marijuana.

He--he--he said, After I bought it, I thought there it is. Boom. Now get him off the street. I never thought we'd get in trouble.' The cops are all saying down there, Hey, look, you know, we don't want citizens taking this dangerous activity into their own hands.'

I have to think that this is going to get straightened out; that the guy's not really going to go to jail. But, see, you've got a drug-infested neighborhood and here's a guy trying to do something about it. Goes out and makes a buy just to get the evidence. The cops say, No, we didn't see it happen. We still don't have any evidence. All we know is that you've got the 4 bucks of--of marijuana. Follow us to jail, pal.' So--but our heart's with the guy.