Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Stupid Radio Hosts

I try to be fairly lenient when it comes to radio hosts - anyone who spends an hour or more doing unscripted talk is going to slip up every now and then, but listening to NPR earlier something really pissed me off. I'm not sure which show it was, but the host was discussing the case of Eloy Amador - the Mexican-American man who was ordered by a judge not to speak "that Hispanic language" to his 5 year old daughter.

The host had a guy on who was against the judge's ruling, so it's fair enough that the host took "the other side" to play devil's advocate. However, at one point the host was explaining the judge's and mother's reasoning - that the daughter would get confused when she went to her father's because things were different - he would speak Spanish to her and feed her "Spanish food."

Oy. For all I know he was serving up some righteous paella, but somehow I doubt it.