Thursday, October 09, 2003

Tee Hee

Stupid Gropenfuhrer:

Gov.-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger introduced the key members of his transition team Thursday, saying the first thing they would do is audit the state's books to find out just how serious California's deficit is.

He also called on Gov. Gray Davis not to make any more appointments or sign legislation in the waning days of his administration, although Schwarzenegger acknowledged it is Davis' right to do so.

"I would like it really if he doesn't sign anymore bills, as far as that goes," Schwarzenegger said. "But we will be working on that, and I'm absolutely convinced that when the governor says that he wants to have a smooth transition, that we will in fact have a smooth transition. And I am looking forward to that and the process has already begun."

In Sacramento, Davis press secretary Steven Maviglio responded that Davis will continue to make appointments and act on legislation. He added, "The governor-elect might be interested in learning that bills that Gov. Davis does not act on before October 13th automatically become law."

In California, the governor may veto a bill, sign it or allow it to become law without signing it. In some other states a bill dies if it is not signed by the governor.

Maviglio noted that during the transition period when Davis was taking office, outgoing Gov. Pete Wilson made more than 400 appointments. Wilson was Schwarzenegger's campaign co-chairman.