Thursday, October 30, 2003

Tweety Revolts

It's no secret that Tweety plays a much more reasonable guy in reality than the drooling suckup character he plays on Hardball. Or, at least, he panders to his audience no matter who they are. But, it looks like someone told the White House...

See Dick run ... the U.S.?

Vice President Dick Cheney better remain in a secure, undisclosed location - at least if MSNBC's Chris Matthews is lurking.

Speaking at Brown University this week, the "Hardball" player told students that the White House's rationale for invading Iraq was "totally dishonest" and that the Veep "is behind it all. The whole neo-conservative power vortex, it all goes through his office. He has become the chief executive ...It's scary."

Cheney and the neo-cons saw in George W. Bush "a man who never read any books, who didn't think too deeply, and they gave him something to think about for the first time in his life," Matthews said, according to Rhode Island's Woonsocket Call.

A White House spokesman tells us Matthews' analysis is "disrespectful, totally false and irresponsible. Mr. Matthews has lost touch with reality. The President made the decision to go to war using the same facts as the previous administration and the United Nations, which judged Saddam Hussein as a threat to the region."

Ha Ha[/muntz]