Monday, October 06, 2003

Two Sources?

An observant pixie, in comments, notices what I never did. Or, at least, if I did I forgot - too much information. The two different WaPo stories had what was widely interpreted as a minor discrepancy in sourcing. But there is also a discrepancy in timing.

From the first Post story, which was posted up on the web site during the evening on Saturday:

Yesterday, a senior administration official said that before Novak's column ran, two top White House officials called at least six Washington journalists and disclosed the identity and occupation of Wilson's wife.

From the second story, posted up on Sunday:

An administration aide told The Post on Saturday that the two White House officials had cold-called at least six Washington journalists and identified Wilson's wife.

This could just be an issue with the timing of web versus print stories - the Saturday story was written for publication in the Sunday print edition. But, we nonetheless can potentially solve the source discrepancy by realizing there are two different sources.