Friday, October 03, 2003


Check this shit out:

As pressure built on his aides, Bush joked about the matter. During a roundtable discussion with reporters for African news organizations, he was asked about three reporters in Kenya who were detained this week in what some journalists saw as an effort to intimidate them into revealing sources. The detention drew a condemnation from the International Federation of Journalists, which complained that the government has been harassing and brutalizing journalists.

"I'm against leaks," Bush said, to laughter. "I would suggest all governments get to the bottom of every leak of classified information." Turning to the reporter who asked the question, Martin Mbugua of the Daily Nation, Kenya's largest daily newspaper, Bush said, "By the way, if you know anything, Martin, would you please bring it forward and help solve the problem?"

No you asshole, you aren't against leaks - you're just against leaks YOU DON'T APPROVE OF you pathetic piece of shit. Bob Woodward has already informed us you PERSONALLY dole out classified information to reporters, and "top administration officials" are ALWAYS leaking to the press.

Some journalists have been detained to intimidate them, and you JOKE about it? What the fuck?

The current issue isn't about "leaks," it's about REVEALING THE NAME OF A DEEP UNDERCOVER CIA OPERATIVE.

God it's too early for this shit.