Sunday, October 05, 2003

Vickie Plame

Someone really needs to tell the people at Newsweek that her name is Valerie. Isikoff just called her Vickie. Do they know something we don't?

...Joe Conason just made an important point. Since it appears that the journalists who were the recipients of leaks have been gossiping about it, they've already waived any privelege with respect to preserving the anonymity of their source.

In comments Barbara adds:

I made this point on some comment board somewhere else -- If you feel free to release the name of the source to ANYONE then you haven't sworn a vow to secrecy -- just a vow to protect the leaker as well as others from the consequences of their actions. That takes it out of the realm of abstractly noble conduct (falling on your sword for the 1st amendment) and puts it in the neighborhood of facilitating a possible criminal offense. There's a world of difference. No doubt the real difference is the preexisting political proclivities of the Leakee: Any bets that it's Safire, Will, and a few choice others? They'll never talk. Goddamn bastards.