Thursday, November 06, 2003

All Good People

While I'd like to put it be behind me, given the number of inquiries I've received it's only appropriate that I answer a few lingering questions about my recent legal issues.

First, let me say thank you so much to all of the people - ideological friends and foes - who made numerous offers of financial and legal help.

Second, let me thank my brilliant lawyer, the great Sam Heldman, of the now (hopefully temporarily) defunct Ignatz, who was extraordinarily generous with his time.

Third - a lot of people have wondered what exactly it was I agreed to. I agreed to post the joint statement linked here. Aside from not revealing anything about the negotiations process, which is of course standard, I made no other agreement which would limit my lawful speech.

Fourth - I'd still like to exploit your generosity. I intend to do some fundraising for an organization which provides quality representation for those who need it. For the next six weeks, any donations I receive through this link (or any at all through Paypal), will go to the Equal Justice Intitiative of Alabama. You may also donate to them directly through this address listed here:

Equal Justice Initiative of Alabama
122 Commerce Street
Montgomery, AL 36104

EJI is a tax-exempt organization, so all donations to them are tax deductible. I'm not sure about the legality of that if you send it to me first and I pass it on (tax lawyers? I won't be deducting it, so there won't be double dipping here), so if that's an issue for you please mail them a check directly.

There are people who need legal representation far more than I likely ever will. I appreciate the goodwill that I had received, and I'd frankly like to Pay it Forward (horrible movie, I know). So, please contribute, either through me, or by mailing them directly (please inform me if you do so I can keep a tally)

Let's take the opportunity to do a bit of good.

(oh, and, I'll pass on all donations at the end of the 6-week fundraiser. When the cancelled check comes I'll post an appropriately blacked-out scan of it)