Sunday, November 30, 2003

The Book on Bush

Santa Claus dropped an advance copy of Alterman and Green's forthcoming book on my desk. I've read all of the introduction so far, but it's clear that this is going to be a much different kind of book than the recent pack of liberal books. The Bush Dyslexicon was mostly about how a lot is actually communicated in Bush's verbal gaffes. Alterman's last book specifically addressed the non-existence of the "liberal media." Conason's book was about incorrect stereotypes by the Right of both Right and Left which continue to be perpetuated. Franken's was basically a funny and satrical hybrid of Alterman and Conason. I haven't read Ivins' or Corns', but the former is about the effect of the administration's policies on ordinary people and the latter seems to be more a well-researched laundry list of Bush misrepresentations.

From the introduction, and from glancing through bits of it, the Book on Bush appears to be a more comprehensive analysis of the administration's record and the mismatch between it and their rhetoric. Not simply media criticism or a partisan food fight, it's a post-mortem on (most of) Bush's 1st term - a very detailed one.