Sunday, November 02, 2003

Endless Dream

Via Kos, I see that Wolfowitz of Arabia is exceeding himself. From a discussion at Georgetown:

Q: I'd just like to say that people like Ruthy and myself have always opposed Saddam Hussein, especially when Saddam Hussein was being funded by the United States throughout the '80s. And -- [Applause] And after the killings of the Kurds when the United States increased aid to Iraq. We were there opposing him as well. People like us were there. We are for democracy. And I have a question.

What do you plan to do when Bush is defeated in 2004 and you will no longer have the power to push forward the project for New American Century's policy of American military and economic dominance over the people of the world? [Applause]

Wolfowitz: I don't know if it was just Freudian or you intended to say it that way, but you said you opposed Saddam Hussein especially when the United States supported him.

It seems to me that the north star of your comment is that you dislike this country and its policies. [Applause]

And it seems to me a time to have supported the United States and to push the United States harder was in 1991 when Saddam Hussein was slaughtering those innocents so viciously.

So, in Wolfowitz's world you hate America whenever you disagree with Wolfowitz, even if Wolfowitz is disagreeing with official US policy.

...Who could've imagined we would be ruled by people who talked like this? What the hell? Imagine if a top Clinton administration official had told a questioner that he hates America. Imagine the shitstorm which would have deservedly brought forth if political disssent was regularly and constantly equated with lack of patriotism or hating your country. That official would've been out on his/her ass in about 2 days, with every Op-Ed page in the country calling for their removal. And I would have agreed.