Wednesday, November 05, 2003

More on the Wingnut Debating School

A lot of people have made some more suggestions for a catalog of tactics. I'll post a few more later, but we should recyle these from a year ago first:

Glennuendo (n.): The act of drawing a darkly ominous inference from an opponent's failure to discuss a political issue.
This technique was pioneered by Glenn Reynolds, and is therefore named in his honor. (from vaara)

Disinglennuousness (n.): the practice of saying, after the fact, that just because you linked to something outrageous with 'THIS IS INTERESTING' or 'EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS', you don't necessarily agree with the linked sentiments, their having been exposed as utter pig-bollocks. (from Nick Sweeney)

ad hankering: (v.) The practice of accusing anyone who disagrees with you of ad hominem attacks, even if what they said had nothing whatsoever to do with an ad hominem.

den Beste ex machina (n.) . The creation of a fake political movement such as Transnational Progressivism that has virtually no basis in reality in order to disparage ideological opponents. (Both from Pandagon).


Grain of Galt (n): The insertion into any argument that you know someone directly relevant to the topic who would verify what she's saying, despite having no other independent evidence whatsoever. (also from Jesse)