Saturday, November 15, 2003

Overwrought Hobgoblins

Not so long ago a non-classified memo, written by Big Don Strangefeld, managed to make it into the hands of the press. Instapundit's reaction then:

As with the Plame affair, the reporter should be subpoenaed, and the leaker should be canned, or jailed. This sort of thing shouldn't be leaking.

Now there's the mysterious top secret memo, which if true demonstrates that we should have invaded Iraq on 9/12/01 and should be exhibit A in Bush's impeachment trial. Here's Instapundit now:

Roger Simon observes that this is devastating evidence of how Big Media folks missed the Iraq/Al Qaeda story: "The other major media are lagging behind perhaps because this information cries out: WHERE WERE THEY? Well, they were reporting on our "quagmire" in Iraq while a ton of justification for our intervention was waiting for them to sift through. Why weren't they interested?"

Why, indeed?

Note to self, add "overwrought" to the short list of Instapundit debate tricks. It's always the word he uses when someone calls him on his bullshit.