Saturday, November 01, 2003

South Side of the Sky

More Murdoch family values:

Lawyers acting for the six men trying to stop Sky broadcasting a reality show in which they are seen unwittingly kissing and caressing a male transsexual are planning a litany of legal charges against the broadcaster, including conspiracy to commit sexual assualt.

The extent of the planned claims was disclosed today after law firm Schillings confirmed it was acting on behalf of the contestants.

Sky TV has been given until the end of today to shelve the show, There's Something About Miriam, due to be broadcast on November 16, or face court action.


The men claim they were tricked into kissing, cuddling and holding hands with Miriam and say it was only after three weeks of filming that they were told the beautiful woman was, in fact, a man.

While viewers would know from the start that Miriam is a male-to-female transsexual, the contestants - who include a Royal Marine commando, a ski instructor and an ex-lifeguard - only discover the truth when Miriam picks the winner and then lifts up "her" skirt.

One contestant was so furious he is said to have punched the show's producer when he found out.

I've always wondered how the networks, particularly Fox with its more deceptive reality shows like Joe Millionaire, manage to write the contracts with the show participants so that they don't get sued.
(via warliberal)