Thursday, November 20, 2003

The War on Analogy Continues

Tristero has a bit of fun with Michael Totten, who informs us that, among other things, Iraq is arid and dry.

Tristero sums up the Vietnam-Iraq similarities thusly:

The simple fact is that a guerilla war is being fought in Iraq, that the US was misled via an utterly ridiculous ideology and a lack of hard facts into the conflict; that US ignorance of the situation before, during and after our arrival on the scene was and is boundless; and that the US is bogged down in Iraq for as long as anyone can foresee with a steady number of casualties reminding us everday of the quagmire, the avoidable quagmire, that the US government perpetrated both on Iraq, and on its own people.


The odd thing is, most of the "Vietnam" discussion comes from the hawks, not the doves. Methinks they protest too much.