Friday, December 19, 2003

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Thumb's Excellent Adventure.

Obviously my best attempts to prevent Atrios from re-taking precious from me have failed. Probably for the better, this is much tougher than it looks (I'm beginning to think Atrios is really two or three different people . . . there's just no other way). As I look back on my week of unadulterated power (preciousssss) I want to thank everyone who sent in tips and leads. I'd also like to tell people that the marriage poll has already been posted. That was for some reason the most frequently requested link and links still keep coming in for that. I also want to extend a special thanks to Dave from Seeing the Forest, Stranger at Blah3 and David at Orcinus for their rapid response to my emergency flare Tuesday. All and all a great week, if you ignore that little episode where I drove Eschaton into the power pole that feeds Blogger and blacked out half of the Blogosphere [hehe, oops!]. But there was one moment that will always stand out as a highlight of my week; having The Virgin Ben threaten me with legal action:


Please take my phone number down from your website immediately (in the comments section). If this is not done, I will resort to legal action.

Thank you,
Ben Shapiro

To which I was able to reply:

As a guest poster I don't have the ability/knowledge to delete/edit comments. Maybe Atrios can help you when he gets back from where ever he is this Saturday. Is your number not public information? How did this guy get it? BTW - Why aren't you eager to enlist? Doesn't it bother you to be a sideline cheerleader in the style of Pravda or is it really just about the money (I understand Republicans pay their sycophants much better)? Do you really still live with mom and dad? Dude, get a life.

He never replied. ::sniff::

Now, without further ado, I slip back into the safety and comfort of sniping, griping and snarking from the trenches that are the comments section, where the real heavy lifting gets done, right Holden?