Thursday, December 04, 2003

Bigots Not Backing Down

Lafayette Parish schools:

Lafayette Parish's school superintendent Wednesday said there would be no apology over an incident in which a lesbian mother says he son was disciplined for saying he has has a gay mom.

"An apology is not due," Superintendent James Easton said. "The child was not singled out because his parent is gay." Easton said the grade two student was disciplined for behavior problems.

Sharon Huff says her son Marcus McLaurin was reprimanded and forced to repeatedly write “I will never use the word ‘gay’ in school again.”

Holy crap. The ACLU has posted the school's forms documenting the incidents. Go read them. This is crazy stuff. It's hard to really believe until you see it.
(thanks to Kevin Lyda)
Here's a cropped version of one of them: